“Strength doesn’t come from what you CAN do. It comes from overcoming the things you once thought you couldn’t. The Sweat. The Time. The Devotion…. It PAYS off!”

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Delaware Marathon 

Kyle Phillips got sick the week of the Wrightsville Beach Marathon.  He attempted the race but dropped out at mile 11.  He was able to get healthy – turn his training around and 4 weeks later Boston Qualified and got a 12 min PR at the Delaware Marathon.  3:13!  This is an EMBRACE THE CHALLENGE story!

Duke Relays 5k

Coach Kolk breaking 16:00 in the 5K with a 15:54 on the track!  Nice work Kolk!

White Lake International and Sprint:  

As a coach challenging my athletes to know and respect RPE is so important for different reasons.  What a way to prove that your potential is so much more than you believe and the Watchless Warriors proved just that.   Seeing a faster than expected split can introduce doubt and prevent you from achieving your full potential on race day. I think this is especially true for the first couple races of the season before your form has been established or when attempting a new distance.   To be a part of the Watchless Warriors they submitted their times and then went out and got it done.  Talk about some podium Rockstars!! ~ Coach Sami

Harrison Brown had some chain issues but still had a blazing swim.
Tim Winslow was out there kicking butt getting 4th in his AG with Dave Dupont right on his tail.
Jamie Ash won her age group 30-34 preparing for St. Croix!
Bud Woodrum took 1st in his AG 35-39.
Ren Rotondo proves LC athletes can take it to the short course house and nailed the podium both days.  Placing 3rd in his AG on Saturday and then winning his AG on Sunday at the sprint!  Now that is a podium Rockstar!
Shawn Rhodes took 1st in his AG, way to go!
Lindsey Hess placed 2nd in her AG with her first ever Olympic Race and faster than predicted. Your hard work really paid off!
Jennifer Barker took 2nd in her AG and a PR on her 10K run off the bike!  Way to push and finish strong!
Erin Jackson crushed her predicted time and cruised to an awesome day!  Remember Erin, I believe in YOU!

My ladies got it done and Holly Cunningham secured her time within 1 minute!!!  1 minute!!  Now that is an understanding of what your body can do.
Lisa Kerr posted an awesome 10K time and Lynda Smith completed her first International as a Watchless Warrior!  Rockstars in the house.
Stephanie Morris completed her 1st International EVER.  Way to go conquer this distance.
Lauren Stephenson has been putting in the work and training and tackled this race with no rest!  Way to go Lauren!
Anna Maltby took a trip to podium, winning 3rd in her AG and having a ball at the Wonderful White Lake International.  And a 16 min PR!!!!   A podium and a PR equals a priceless day!
Beth Brampton took 1st in her AG because she’s bad to the bone and the ONLY 65+ female athlete there!  You’re our hero Beth!

2017 WL Sprint (Ren)    White Lake 2017 (me and Marcy)    White Lake 2017 (Sami and Lori)

White Lake Sprint

What a difference a day makes and welcome to frigid White Lake!
Taking the 50-54 AG by storm, Coach Sami and Marcy Waters shared the podium.  Coach Sami raced on some super tired legs after the Tarheel Double Down and was so excited for Marcy who conquered the swim, proving she is one tough cookie.
Lori Drake earned a podium spot with 2nd in her AG on her first Tri of 2017.
Mark Dillan secured 5th with Ty on his heels at 8th in 40-44.
Frank Fisher took 2nd in his age group.
Jennie Mott changed it up and raced harder than ever!  Nice work J Mott.  You are improving all the time.  Way to push that extra bit and challenge yourself even more.
Congrats to Erin Green on taking on the Double Challenge and the Watchless Challenge…Lots of challenges this weekend and well navigated by the pro!

Half Moon Bay Sprint- Northern California

Congratulations to Shay Hutchings taking it Watchless on the West Coast and earning some podium honors to boot.  Taking 2nd in her AG, she proved that her speed is still there as she trains for IMSR!

Port to Fort Half Marathon in Morehead City

Wild Billy Loyd pushed through warm and humid weather and took home AG Honors, adding another completed half marathon in the books.  You are always #1 in my book!

Statesman Cap 10K

2 HUGE PR’s in the Bonathan household.  Logan Bonathan posted a 53:26 and Michelle Bonathan posted a 55:34.  Proving that racing relaxed is the way to go, these Rockstars posted some awesome training!  Now it’s Onward and Upward to some cycling this weekend!  You two Rock.

Ironman Texas

Congrats to Tim Nichols finishing his first Ironman and Lawrence Landrigan on another Ironman finish.  Neither had the race they wanted, but the race itself will help them both dial in areas to work on for the next one!  Great job boys.

Oak Island Lighthouse Run

Congratulations to Ryan Redd on another half marathon.  On her way to M2M and IMLou.  There is always some great training running in the heat. Also Fast Eddie Buchanan won the masters in the 5k!

Tarheel 10 miler/ 4 miler

A Carolina Blue sky did not disappoint as Genie Griffin completed the inaugural Tarheel Double Down.   Running a strong 4 mile effort and then completing the 10 miles, it was 14 miles in the hills of Tarheel Country.  And winning the best medal ever!  Congrats to Coach Sami on winning her AG for the inaugural race and she gave a tour of her college days to Erin Green.  What a fun day ladies!!

2017 Double Down (me and Erin)    2017 Double Down Medal

Swim Run Georgia

Lindsay Dean and Cam Simmons took 3rd OA in Mixed teams on the short course.
Coach Kristen and Jose Gonzalez took 3rd OA in Mixed teams on the long course.
Jose Gonzalez and Paul Quam finished strong even though a lady lead them off course.

Chickamauga Chase 15K

Mary Jo Barbaretta took 2nd in her AG with a smoking pace!  Awesome job.

Paws4People 5K

Leah and her buddy Beau had a 5min PR.  Awesome job Leah and Beau 🙂

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London Marathon

Pam Dieffenbauch, you did it!!  Way to go.  Another marathon in the books and all for a good cause.  Congrats on your awesome finish.

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Fiesta Mission 10K

Myra Rasmussen jumped into a local 10K and ran a great race, proving that she is coming back strong.  Awesome job Myra!

Rocky Face 10K Trail Run

Cathy Moore goes from Boston Qualifying at QWB to running a tough trail race just for the challenge!  Proving she is truly Without Limits.  Congrats Cathy and her running buddies.

Hound Hustle 10k
Michael Jones, Hustled with the Hounds and hustled himself to a 10K PR by 10 minutes!!!!!   One minute for each km…We’ll take it!!   That is improvement in roughly 6 weeks!!  Taking some endurance fitness to those hounds.  Congrats Rockstar!!
Cary Du Classic
Welcome Jim Finley to our multiple sport world!  He did is first Duathlon at the Cary Short Course and is never looking back.   To hear the excitement in his voice was priceless.
Lori Drake and Ryan Redd took Cary by storm, placing 2nd in their respective Age Groups!!!  Talk about an awesome day.   Y’all rock.

Austin Marathon
Rockstars in the house.  Caroline Bloom and Michelle Bonathan finished their first century ever and went back for more on Sunday.  The MS177!!!   These ladies are just so enthusiastic and always smiling.  Keep it up.