ÖTILLÖ | White Lake | Fall Racing Season Begins with a Bang!

Coach Kristen Smith and Jenny Perrottet took 7th in the world at the ÖTILLÖ swim/run world championships in Sweden which consisted of broken swimming and running from island to island totaling 10K(6.2 miles) of swimming and 41 miles of running.  WOW!  This is WITHOUT LIMITS!


White Lake Olympic

Alex Ryan our marine athlete who trained on a ship from December to July took 5th overall and 1st in AG!  Great work!,
Lawrence Landrigan 3rd in his AG during Full Ironman Training
Bryan Haas had a great races after a summer of moving and healing up.
Steve Risely is back and had a rough swim but is gearing up for a fast b2b half
Sue Bark:  1st in AG…taking home some hardware
Gearing up for B2B Half Beth Brampton had a great training race day getting 1st in her AG!
Kelly Jones and Stephanie Crews come back with a great finish  Great job ladies, and tough conditions!!
Ron George had a super solid race  His first time racing this distance and a nice and consistent effort through each discipline.  Great to see his hard work pay off and his happy face cross the finish line.
Marla Engrahm placed 9th OA at her first international distance tri and had a smile the whole time!  Came back for sprint in Sunday to place 4th OA and 1st AG. What an awesome weekend racing.

White Lake Sprint

Tim Nichols takes the win, his first sprint win!
Coach Brian:  showing that sprint speed on top of IM training and placing 8th OA and 3rd in AG
John Grooman – 4th in age group behind Coach Brian
Tim Winslow 3rd in his age group getting a ton of his training at the WOL Cycle Center
Chad Towne:  Showing HUGE improvement!
Marla Engrahm won her age group
Ryan Redd:  Ryan is a Triathlete!!!  First timer and welcome to the club!
Erik Hoffacker:  Getting out of his comfort zone with endurance training and pushing the pace a bit!
Team TriChicks with Holly Cunningham and Lynda Brady.  Lynda’s first tri experience!

White Lake Half

As the TriWarriors gear up for IM Florida several warriors did amazing at the White Lake Half over the weekend.  This was a train through half and with tough conditions these guys rocked it!
 Matt Scott
David Locklear
Bryan Maynor

Great job to all those who battled the Jelly’s at Pier to Pier, Coach Matt Wisthiff, Bridget Phillips, Tim Nichols, Kyle Shepard and Tim Winslow!

Other Events Kicking off the Fall Season!

Hope for Helen 5K
Mickey Curbo made the podium:  3rd in AG!
New WOL Member Stephanie Morris finished her first Wilmington 5K.  Can’t wait to see her improve
Angela Leonard finished 2nd in AG at Take the Lake 10K (and right smack dab in the middle of a long run)
Congrats to Pam Keenan on her 4th AG at the Virginia Beach Rock N Roll Half Marathon followed by a 2nd in AG at the 5K the following weekend.  All as part of NYC Marathon training.
Brooks Smith finished the Abebe Bikila Day International Peace Marathon. This was her 5th marathon finish on a tough course.  With a trail race that turned into a muddy mess after a hard down pour on race day.  Brooks finished in 3:58:35 and was “grateful to be able to finish marathon #5 and do something I love, I found even more gratitude to be able to do this on the day after 9/11.”  I think that says a lot to not let a race that didn’t go how she wanted, but in the middle of that let down she found gratitude!


Allie Shofe headed to the Via Marathon to grab that Boston cut.  However tummy issues and a day where the body didn’t want to perform up to it’s potential landed on that Sunday.  It is a good reminder how sometimes, the race just doesn’t go our way, no matter how perfect the training goes.  Lessons learned and moving on to the next one!  The cool thing is, IT WILL HAPPEN….and the journey getting there is just that much more sweet! – “Life is like a marathon, it is full of ups and down and takes your breath away”


Historic Foundation 5K
Erin Jackson:  1st in AG! – 24:15
Renee Zuckerman:  3rd OA Masters 23:19 PR
Patricia Jones – 25:16
Nick Monroe – 24:54
Tonya Ezzell – 25:24
Michelle Bannon finished a hot, hilly 5k Thursday evening while racing to Preserve Downtown WILM.  Despite the heat, she had a 3rd place AG win!!


Congrats to John Gussenhoven.  John had a pretty cool goal of trying to break 80 for 18 holes of Golf and riding 100 miles in the same day.  Of course on the day he did it, conditions had to be pretty nice….and he did finish this weekend!  Awesome work John!

And the big WT!!!!  Walker Taylor completing Ironman Copenhagen in 12:17 and a 4:30 marathon.  WOW!  Walker also won the Wilmington Amature Golf Tourney this year.  Go Low playing Golf, Go long 12:17 Ironman!  Nice work

Kris Fava is back…She cycled a total of 150 miles over the weekend in the 2015 Bike MS!  What a great effort for a great cause Kris!

Barb Wall’s discipline and consistency at practice through the summer = 2nd half marathon training completed by early September = 20-min PR on the Great Smoky Mountains Half Marathon course.  Thanks for being an inspiration to us all!!

Tour de Moore:

Congrats to all WOL athletes that completed the challenging Tour de Moore Century Ride. From the 50 miler to the 103 miler (they only tell you it’s 100) everyone had a great day and super fun with friends. Beth Brampton and Sue Bark are going to cruise B2B Half after that ride 🙂 And, Jack Carroll was a Rockstar pulling hard that day. The fun included: Susan Shafer, Kelli Kerkhoff, Billy Loyd, Coach Brian, Doug Wheeler, Mike Nichols, and Coach Charlie. And we were joined by Tara Martine, Erin Green, Misty Brown, Gary Stevens, Jen Wheeler and JR Bourget and Ken Pearson making a huge Wilmington contingent taking on the hills!