Race Results PPD Beach2battleship, MCM, Spinx and More

“All of you have stories, all of you have goals and obstacles that you have overcome, all of you have reasons for doing it that are much bigger then the race itself just like i do. I feel very humbled and blessed to be a part of such a great group of athletes” ~Tim Nichols

Harrison Brown finished his triathlon year with a 2nd Overall at the Rev3 Anderson.  Congrats Rockstar on a strong finish and looking forward to 2015!

Christie Tucker posted a 15 min PR at the Columbus Marathon on a super cold and windy day in Ohio!  Way to go Marathon Rockstar and congrats on a strong day.

Myrtle Beach MINI Marathon

Jen Peterken – 1:37:48 14th overall female and a PR she also negative split the race with help from Shawn Wellersdick!

Mary Margaret McEachern – 1:44:58 PR

Ryan Redd – 1:57:21 HUGE PR – She was also the WOL Athlete of the Week sponsored by Surfberry!

Shawn Tunis finished the Mini and is setting her sights on getting faster and stronger this winter

Congratulations to Doug Wheeler as he Ran to Victory at the half marathon in Randleman, NC.  He placed 2nd Overall at the event which raises money for Victory Junction.  Watch for more information from Doug about Victory Junction and future upcoming events.  It promises to be exciting news!

Marine Corps Marathon

Mike Duncan – 30 minute Personal Best!  3:36  Message from Mike: (Mission accomplished! I had a great run and gave it my best college try. It’s a tough course and I still crushed my PR by 30 minutes with a 3:36. I have so much love for my coach Tom Clifford, Without Limits, WRRC and all my running friends that I annoy everyday on my runs. ‪#‎withoutlimits‬‪#‎withoutlimitsresults‬ ‪#‎PRorER‬ ‪#‎WRRC‬

Congrats to Pam Keenan on accomplishing her goal.  Check out her blog as she talks about running such an inspiring marathon.  Pam is such an inspiration at 60 yrs young she has set her sights on Boston and is headed there in 2015!  And also Paul Quam finishing the Marine Corps Marathon, nice finish Paul!

Peak to Creek Marathon

Jeff Rosenborough – Qualified for a lifelong goal…The Boston Marathon with a 3:27.  Great race JEFF!

Triathlon newbie, Shay Hutchings, completed his first 70.3 in Austin, Texas.  Shay worked hard on his swim and had a great day in Austin.  Congrats Rockstar!

Greenville Program at Spinx Full and Half Marathon

Ron Wise3:56 1st Marathon missed BQ by 1 min because a train came through the course
Chris Cox – 4:07 first marathon
Cory Crossiant – 8 min PR in the Half Marathon with 1:39
Even Pfeiffer – Age Group Winner in the 10k as a 12 year old
Marty French – Age Group Winner in the 10k as a 55 year old
Tony Simposon – SPartan Beast Finisher
Jason Arcemont – over 700 miles 25 days across texas on his funraiser challenge to raise awareness and funds for his “Texas Freedom” Run (human trafficking)
Melanie Pfeiffer – Relay finish at the Beach to Battleship
Tim Shelnut – 1:36:05 in Myrtle Beach Mini – PRed awesome job Tim on a great day!

PPD Beach2Battleship Half Iron and Full Iron Distance


Jon Higgins – 10:07 – 1 hour Personal best and 3rd in his age group!  Way to go Jon
Lori Drake  – 13:02 over a 1hr and a half faster than last year!  Way to give it everything LORI
Mike Worley – 1st time Ironman finisher  13:49:07  Congrats Mike!


Tim Nichols – 4:14:33 huge PR and 3rd overall in the race.  Check out the article on TIM:
Kyle Shepard – 4:38:13 4 minute PR and 3rd in AG – 22nd overall.  Way to dig and finish the season!
Lawrence Landrigan – 4:41:32 22nd overall 1st time breaking 5:00hrs by A LOT!
Bryan Haas – 4:57:53 Top PPD Finisher and a 30:00 personal best!
Tim Winslow – 5:13:35 PR smashed his Bike PR.  Nice work TIM top 5 in Age Group
Alecia Williams – 5:27:57 – 1st in Age Group and a spectacular finish!  Way to crush it
Aaron Talley – 5:18:03 PR for Aaron
Tyler Hustrulid – First 70.3 Distance! Tyler crushed it 5:21:42 in his first Half!
Patrick Horning – 5:47:23 First 70.3 Distance!  We saw him at the finish FIRED UP!
Cliff Ray – 5:49:41 1st time 70.3 Distance!
Angela Leonard – 6:08:12  38 minute PR for Angela – it was a superhero day for her!
Kelly Kerkhoff – 6:03:09 1st ever Triathlon and it was a 70.3 wow!  Great job Kelly
Clark Wadlow was the man of the day completing his first 1/2 iron distance at 68 yrs old.  What an inspiration Clark!  And WoW!
Malia Tumolo and Blind Athlete Diane Berberian – 6:25:57 – Malia was Diane’s guide throughout the Half course….great accomplishment.  They did the Full last year


Lost in Pace – won overall female relay – Kristen Smith, Beth Grace and Jenny 2.0

Yes Ma’am – Sami- swim, Erik Hoffhacker who did the 112 bike and met his 6hour goal and Sherman Criner!

Phillip Davis did his first 112 on a relay team – FULL 140.6 in the future?

How about a 3-some – Brooke Park, Lindsay Dean and Cameron Simmons Love the name and they placed 5th in the Mixed relay division

It was a family affair for the Carroll family as Jack, Leah and Sue competed as a family.  A family that “tris” together stays together!

Andy McVey is back in the game on Chris Diehls – “We’re kind of a big Diehl”  Awesome job team!

“Race now Drink Later” Lauren Stephenson, Paige Pence and Wendy Lamb.  That they did, celebrating Lauren’s BIRTHDAY!  Nice job ladies!

Ryan Stanley and had a great bike split in his relay.  His hard work paid off and he had a strong bike. Stacey Psikula also is back in action on her relay team!  Awesome to see you out there Stacey!tim

Congrats to Brian Causey and Lesley Jurado in the NHRMC 5K.  Brian PRed and tried to stay with Michellie Jones but she got him.  Next time right Causey? Nick Monroe from the Level 2 group PRed in the 5K  and won his age group.

We couldn’t do it without you!  Almost every WOL team member volunteered in some capacity on the course and throughout the race weekend.  That is a true testimony to the character of our team and our willingness to help athletes achieve their goals.  Thank you to each and every one of you that gave your time so willingly to volunteer.  That is the heart of a champion and a true Rockstar!  You are simply the best.

Last but Not least

Congrats to the WOL Boys at the Spartan Beast – Tay Filer, Jason Adams, Rob Moore and Neil Peterken for winning the entire race as a team!  Show them how it is does boys!  And Anthony Enoch for both San Diego and Denver races….Anthony Traveling the world #WITHOUTLIMITS