Never Lose Site of What You Love

Leigh Adams has been a Without Limits Athlete since the beginning.  She has tackled the marathon, triathlons, the Ironman and some of the hardest trail races around the South East.  Like us all, Leigh has battled through the tough times of a runner/triathlete.  It was that game we always play with ourselves, what do I REALLY love to do.  Leigh started by running a 3:11:00 marathon which got her to Boston.  That was a big goal!  Then triathlons appeared.  She loved competing in tris but after awhile she had that torn feeling whether triathlon was her gig, or trail running and ultra distances.  It took some thinking and eventually she figured it out!

Leigh is a mother of two kids and part owner of Lighthouse Beer and Wine.  She lives what she preaches, loving kids, loving the woods, and drinking a couple of beers on the way.

I think the future of Leigh is going to be ultra marathon based on her facebook page.  It is hard to tell what she will tackle next, but I know she will have a goal and reach it.

A pretty cool quote from Leigh from the Uwharrie 20 miler.

“Sometimes I think getting lost gives you a new perspective about racing…not so important where you finish, but that you do finish and are still proud of your efforts. I was bummed at first when I realized my mistake, laughed at myself in the woods, looked at my beautiful surroundings, and paid WAY more attention to the white hash marks on the winter trees. It’s the journey that counts and what you learn about your spirit along the way. This is why I love to run trails”

After this race, she conquered the Run for Ray 19 miler and took 1st place female and then her team took 1st place in the Palmetto 200 mile race in South Carolina.  Congrats Leigh, you have never lost site of what you love!