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Anyone can join the Without Limits Endurance Team for $50.00/year.  All coached athletes receive a free endurance team membership and can take advantage of the discounts below by logging into their membership account.

(if you are a coached athlete and do not have an account, email info@iamwithoutlimits.com)

Hire a Coach

A running and/or triathlon coach can re-invigorate you as a person and you as an athlete.  We have a perspective that can help you maximize your training, maximize your time and minimize injuries.  A coach does more than just prescribe workouts, we learn about you as a person.  We tell you when to go hard, and when to slow down. WE WANT THE BEST FOR YOU!

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In endurance sports you have to EMBRACE THE PAIN, you have to listen to two voices in your head, the one telling you to keep pushing because you want it, and the one telling you to give up and to quit because it hurts. This relates to every day life in so many ways. We need to constantly remind ourselves that we are challenged for a reason, for a purpose.

Buy one of our shirts and believe in yourself and say I AM WITHOUT LIMITS – Embrace the Challenge.™

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