Myrtle Beach, Uwharrie, Whistle Pig, Masters Swim , Run-In Series – Results Galore!

“When they’re used correctly, your failures hold very valuable lessons for you, lessons that contain the ultimate keys to your success. Failures provide you with valuable information about your weaknesses, about what you did wrong, about what you need to work on for next time. This kind of feedback is absolutely critical to you getting better in your sport and reaching your dreams.” Dr. ALan Goldberg


Masters Swim Championships

Allie – 100yd PR 1:12:35, 11th in the 50yd, 4th in the 200 free,  8th in the 100 with a PR of 1:12:35, and 3rd in the 500 free.  All age group!  Nice work runner/swimmer!

Jenny 2.0 – 2nd in the 1 mile swim, 2nd in the 200 backstroke and 1st in the 100 fly.

Whistle Pig

Lauren Stephenson 2nd in AGE GROUP, Chris B was 1st in AGE GROUP and Carrie and Regan were 5th.

Ragnar Relay

Leslie Jurado ran her first ultra 32 miles with the Ragnar relay team. Her team ran from Miami to Key West, 196 miles in 33 hours. It was the weekend of February 5th.


Greenville Results

Matt Hammersmith – Winner of the Green Valley Road Race 8k in 5:24 Pace
Shannon Waterhouse-Howell – It was an amazing day. My goal was to finish in the top 10 women for Holiday Lake 50K (actually 33-ish mi) as well as finish in under 5:30. Well…I finished 8th women in approx. 4:51! Many thanks to the many who offered encouragement, well-wishes and prayers, and thanks to the VA “locals” for being so welcoming to this little Greenville-gal!

Evan Shealy – Overall Age Group Winner for Boys Under 14 with a timem of 39:26 in the Green Valley 8k Road Race
Dan Yoder – HUGE PR and Age Group winner of the Green Valley 8k in a time of 30:52
Rob Rivera – with a 2 MINUTE PR! in 31:52 and also Age Group Winner
Frances Falkenburg – First ever 8k winner her Age Group!
David Minnich – Green Valley 8k FInisher in 55:23 making his comeback trail strong!
Tim Shelnut – 5th place age group in 1:13 in the Green Valley 10 Mile Road Race
Cory Croissant – Finished the Green Valley Road Race in 1:18 for a massive 10 mile PR
Jeanette Mohl – Another comeback runner completing her longest distance in over a year at the Green Valley 10 Mile Road Race
Ron Wise and Martin French ran stride for stride with each other finishing the Green Valley Road Race 10 Mile in 1:23 as it marks the longest race In Marty’s 1 Year running career!

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Congrats to Thom Porter and John  Cockrum for their 20 miler finish and Jeff Rooks and Mary Margaret McEachern for the 8 miler.  All had great performances up in the mountains.  Whenever you go up to Uwharrie you get a pat on the back because of the tough conditions and the rough terrain.  Great job, great year!



Congrats to Shawn Wellerdick for his new Marathon PR.  Shawn had to jump in the race at the last minute because of an upcoming procedure.  Great work Shawn, Boston is in your reach!

Half Marathon – congrats to Coach Tom for a new PR of 1:08:23 and the overall win!  Erin Hogston, Allie Kassons and Kyle Shepard were all 1:26 to 1:27.   Solid races!  Jen Peterken negative splitted and PRed with a 1:36 and Marcy had a great half marathon with a 1:34.  Mr. Enoch ran a 2:39 for the half and is on his way to a sub 2:30!   Beautiful Day and strong performances!



Check out Coach Tom’s post race interview:



Brian Thomas sets a course record for 100 miles after a SKY DIVE in 21:59.