Kona Ironman, Run for the TaTas, Louisville, Chicago and More!

Coach Sami was on the Big Island for the Big Dance at the Kona Ironman World Championship this weekend. Not even the Screenshot (5)
wind, or the heat could stop her. She is a true example of what you can accomplish with hard work and never giving up or giving in. Watching her work with her athletes and give them guidance and training right there beside them is how she gets things done. Always with a kind word, saying the right thing at the right time during a tough workout, or the words of motivation when you are in self doubt is what makes Coach Sami who she is. She completed Ironman #13 in Kona and truly is a Champion and world class athlete and not just a world class coach!

Shawn Tunis had a big PR at the Chicago marathon with a 4:05!! Hard work and consistency paid off! Excited to see what the future of racing has for her! Shawn Says “Thrilled with my almost sub-4! (PR)?. No regrets, only ultimate gratitude. Thank you Chicago! Thank you to Coach Brian all my Coaches for getting me here!”

Nick Monroe – FIRST marathon at Chicago!  Way to GO Nick… you put it some great training, and a great finish! Congrats 🙂

Tay Filer raced in his home town Saturday winning the TWO TOWN Half marathon in 12079197_10208421064863806_1620236674451052380_na 1:24! Nice run Tay! Along with Tay was Anthony Enoch and Andy McVey also running at the Two Town!

Angela Leonard finished her First Ironman in Louisville here was her emotional finish line statement: “My family met me at the finish line at Ironman Louisville last night! My husband made me ugly cry when he gave me a beautiful Ironman necklace. This day was so full of joy, and pain, and adapting, and endurance, and beauty that it is hard to express. If you are not inspired by the people you see at an Ironman event, you may be dead inside! There were disabled athletes in recumbent hand crank bikes, cancer survivors, Angels in the form of volunteers, and kind strangers everywhere. The whole day was a living prayer for me.”

Megan Dittmar did the D.C. 10 miler and was stoked about her finish!  Thanks for representing Megan12096437_10207880192465574_2650061722941840028_n

Tonya Ezzelle finished the Airport Runway 5K Saturday in a NEW PR 23:29! She has been training with WOL for just over a month and this was her first time breaking 24!  Mary Margaret -PR at the ILM Airpotrt 5K 21:22, 2nd OA Female

Check out Walt Greer – don’t you love when this happens? Tom, I deviated from the plan a little on Saturday. I was out of town and signed up for the ironclad half marathon, Kinston, NC at last minute to use as a training run versus 2 hours running alone. I averaged 8:20 pace for first six miles, and 7:48 for the last 7.1 miles. The last half of race, I got faster with every mile. My last 3 miles were 7:41, 7:37, and 7:33. I ended up with a total time of 1:45:25 which is a PR. Walt you reached your goal 3 weeks early….guess we will break that again in 3 weeks!

Congrats to Janet Coleman at the Army 10 miler Gearing up for the B2B relay!

Run for the Ta Tas was combined with the Son Run this year because of weather.  Some great results:

Brittany Perkins won the women with a blazing 17:33 – this was a great step forward getting back to where she wants to be!
Karen Eckberg had a nice 5K tempo run – did not go all out but took 3rd in 18:2712074842_760795057381451_3815111133901550727_n
Rocco Quaranto is back – 18:01 – 2nd AG
Jeremey Snodgrass – 19:05 – 1st in AG
Shawn Wellersdick – first race back from Beating Cancers Ass – 21:12 – 1st AG
Mike Duncan – 21:26 first race back from his heal injury – 3rd AG
Thom Porter – 21:38 – great run Thom – 2nd Masters Winner
Fast Eddie Buchanan  -21:47 – 3rd Masters at age 65
Kelli Kerkhoff – 22:44 – 3rd overall masters female
Allie Shofe – 22:56 – 1st race back from her Marathon
Erin Jackson – 23:52
Diana Davis 27:04
Barb Kornegay – 42:24 – having fun in her PINK OUTFIT
Christie Tucker – 1st in AG – 25:02
Kelli Vanscoy – 27:40
Patricia Jones – 1st in AG – 25:32
Camille McKeon – 36:42
Nick Frank -PR! Sub 30 🙂
Brianne J. – 38:00
Frances W. 47:46
Julie T. – 32:01