June Kicks off with Tons of Endurance Team Success!

Raleigh 70.3

Raleigh was a scorcher this year and it went one way or the other with athletes at this race.  While tough, the positives that come out of the event are life lessons.  Failure to reach a goal for some is part of long term success and part of the process!  Good work!

Tim Nichols – 1st overall Amateur  athlete!  Tim was 14th overall in the entire field and will now move up to the professional triathlete division!  Big breakthrough buddy!  We are all proud of you

Steve Risely – Great work Steve on putting an entire race together in the brutal conditions!  5:15 overall time.

Patrick Horning had a great race and has been getting stronger and stronger and training for his first Ironman with a great drive and excitement..

Ty Rabon, Grant Meyers, Ed McDermotte, Brad Southerland and Andy Mcvey all finished.  While it is not always a goal to be a finisher again, we learn from the trials in races that we have more than we thought we did!  Great Job Boys!

Melanie Meadows:  First Time 70.3 Finisher!!   Melanie overcame adversity with passing of her Mom just 6 weeks ago.  We adapted the training and she just wanted to cross that finish line.   With lots of time to spare she did and her kids were there waiting at the finish.  A Mom, a wife, a career woman, a daughter and now a 70.3 Finisher.  Bring it on IMNC 70.3!


While it is so cliche, life is about learning, adventures, taking the road less traveled and holding tight to friendships.   Cape Fear Community College is lucky to have Coach Drake back on the court bringing her expertise back to Wilmington.   Congrats Coach Drake on a full time position at Cape Fear.  Big things to come!!  

Honu 70.3:  Wild Billy Loyd got the full experience on the Big Island of Hawaii with the chop, the wind, the heat and the climb to Hawi!   What a Rockstar finishing another 70.3 in fine fashion!

The Cub is just a warm up for The Bear!   (Gotta love those names) and Congrats to Genie Griffin on a tough race.  Training and racing in Asheville she is getting stronger and it’s onward and upward towards The Bear!!   Way to work Asheville Rockstar.

Lee Ann Fuller recently took the plunge and joined WOL and took the first step racing the beautiful Sun Valley Half Marathon in Idaho.  Making new friends and conquering the beautiful Idaho terrain, seeing the finish line is always a great experience and feeling great after the race is even better!

Angela Leonard consistently works hard to improve and has become a “yoda” in managing time, terrain, injuries, training and more.  Way to be smart at Kerr Lake and remember it was a training day for IMChatty.  You Rock Angela!   And Congratulations to Waverly Leonard on her High School Graduation.  Another Tarheel is in our midst!

Sweden Marathon – Congrats to Cain Leathers who ran close to his PR after a crazy trip to Sweden.  2:49!  Great work man!

John Cockrum jumps into the Lake Side International Triathlon in TN and places 1st in his AG!  Nice work man and way to crush it and have a great time!

Screenshot (116)

Ironman France

Tracy McCullen – 1st time Ironman Finisher!  We know you were dancing on the course buddy!  WOL is super proud of you.


BIG Congrats to Whitney Collins and Windy Christy in crushing their goals and completing their FIRST Ironman 70.3 up at Eagleman this past weekend.  It was windy and hot and these ladies did fabulous.

Screenshot (115)

Rev 3 Quassie: Matt Wisthoff – 9th overall in the Pro Field!  Matt has been working at the Bike Shop 2-3x per week. And running the computrainer cycling center with early mornings and late nights coaching while squeezing workouts in the middle.  Keep up the dedication to your training and your coaching and see yourself moving up in the Pro Fields!


Congrats to Nicole Moss on completing the Fletcher Flyer 100 mile ride. It was Hilly, Humid, and Hot.  However her hard work paid off and she had a blast as well as completed the century. Great job Nicole.

Well done Lauren Stephenson in getting 3rd in her AG at the Low Country Spash 2.4 mile open water swim.  You are quite the fishy.  Congrats girl you did amazing!

Elizabeth Hinshaw took a break from long course training to rock out a 5K and broke 22 min finishing 3rd OA.  Super proud Elizabeth!!   Way to tackle the speed.  

Allie Kassens did a little time trial on a cool morning and PRed in the 800 and 400 on the track.  2:26.8 and 69.4 puts a nice touch on the end of the season.

Wilma Dash:

WOL was representing out at the WILMA dash!!  A little WARM and quite challenging, these athletes were not humbled by NUN Street.  Hard work pays off…Nun Street repeats = success!!

Cate Piech13263703_10153749022419952_870347952056320534_n
Shawn Tunis
Ashley Frank
Tracy Smith
Kim Atkinson
Kelli Lanier
Brianne Leigh
Anna Maltby
Madison Long
Martha Weaver
Janet Coleman
Tricia Bennett
Frances White
Erin Hogston
Sarah Horton
Diana Davis
Kathleeen Lawless
Bridget Philips
Marcy Waters
Lisa Theriault
Allison Shofe
Renee Zuckerman


Thanks for volunteering!  It was a WOL Gentleman’s Affair with the help of 4 awesome ladies!!   Couldn’t have done this without you!!!

Steve White
Shay Hutchings
Cameron Simmons, Seth and Gavin too!
Jeff Roseborough
Ty Rabon and his ladies!
Phillip Davis
Andy McVey
Stephen Kenney
Sam Catlett
Nick Monroe
Brian Eber and the boys!
Ed George
Phil Jewitt
Eddie Buchanan
Mickey Curbo
Paul Quam
Russ May
Doug Wheeler
Tom Clifford and Gracie
Fred Altman
And my ladies, Coach Kristen and Jen Wheeler

Sunset Beach Half:

Nicole Moss finished the Sunset Beach Half Marathon as part of the series- the BigAssMedals completion!  Two down, and two more to go!  Hope Ocean Isle and Holden Beach Races are equally as fun!

Shout out to Kelli Lanier, Martha Weaver, and Kim Ackerson for coming back to WOL Level 1 with a mission to get stronger!  They have jumped into some difficult workouts (in the HEAT!).  Kudos to you for your commitment- we are so happy to have you back with Level 1!  

Just have to say a HUGE CONGRATS to Anna Maltby who just completed her first half IRONman race in Chattanooga, TN!  Just joining WOL Level 1 a little over a year ago, she chose NOT to place limits on herself.  Look where it took her??!  AND look how it inspires those around her 🙂 She and Brianne Leigh have decided to run the Quintiles FULL Marathon next spring.  I also heard a rumor about the possibility of a FULL IRONman race…just incredible!!  Thanks for the inspiration Anna!!   Not only did Anna Maltby finish the 70.3, she did it with style, with a small posse, and looked strong!  What fun seeing you out there on the course Rockstar!   Love all of your coaches!

Art Moves Motion 5K:  Rockstar Sue Bark takes 1st in AG!!!    Working in the training before heading to a wedding, Sue gets it done in style!   Shawn Horton gets close to breaking 21 on a hot morning and Coach Colin take 2nd overall!

In the beautiful Wine Country of Virginia, Rockstar Erin Green finishes a half marathon as a great training day for bigger and better events to come.  A hilly and beautiful course, along with wine at the finish, makes for a great day!  Congrats!!!!