Ironman Chatty, Augusta, Swim the Loop, and More Road Races, Fall Racing in Full Effect

Alex Ryan 4th overall in Myrtle Beach Sprint 1st in AG
Brooks Smith take 1st place AG in a trail 8k. Brooks never gets discouraged and always finds the silver lining in every race.

Allie was 18th overall female and 2nd master in a 10K up north in 39:35 – a great strength race!  Michael Enz also ran the 10K in prep for NYC Marathon in 38:32.

New WOL member Stephanie Morris finished Cane Creek and her 2nd OW swim this year12011117_10156063586235655_3454282467985262979_n



Jose Gonzalez – sub 5:15!  Offically 5:12! Fastest run off the bike and raced a strong race.
Phillip Davis – Huge PR of 5:27, sub 1:50 run off the bike during IM FL Training
Eileen Gonzalez – 25 min PR and only her 2nd 70.3 ever!  Way to rock it!
Congrats to Susan Shafer on an awesome day on her way to IMFL!
Adam Clark  is a tri warrior and prepping for Florida 🙂  He did awesome and has been training hard


Without Limits 3rd place Division IV
Coach Brian, 7 min PR on IM #7!!  10:41!  Crushed it12032958_10153628412897905_797473821217638669_n
John Cockrum –  YOU ARE and IM again!  Congrats on your finish!
Jack Caroll – After some crazy pains in training, things came together and you did it!  Congrats on rocking out another IM!
Grant Meyers, 20 min PR with a tough run
Amy Cotta had to call it a day at IM CHOO, but we know she will come back with a vengeance, she has the Medals of Honor and the Without Limits Spirit.  For anyone to do an Ironman in combat boots is quite amazing.
Kyle Shepard got in there and did the swim and bike.  With an injury and not much training over the last 5 weeks, we are proud that he represented and got in there and gave the effort.  1:03 Swim 5:52 bike for 116 miles12079315_1213518125340708_8455333473255404311_n

Congrats to the other Wilmington athletes who raced under Without Limits:   Misty Brown, JR Bourget, Jim Hundley, Trent Gattis, Matt Wehrman, and Erin Green

Also Congrats to Jack and Sue’s Daughter Leah Carroll our previous computrainer coach for Qualifying for Kona and Tara Martine, who used WOL coaching for her Marathon win in Savannah in 2014 for qualifying for Kona

Swim the Loop and Motts Channel Sprint

Congrats to Wisty for another Swim the Loop WIN!
Jenny 2.0 for her 2nd place female overall
Tim Nichols and Sharon Siebert for his first time SLT Finish
Dave Dupont takes the challenge and finishes the 3.5 mile Swim
Lauren Stephenson – awesome job training and tackling the LOOP!
Paul Quam – great job on yet another LOOP finish
Katherine Cammack finished the LOOP!  Huge Victory

 Motts Channel Sprint
Lesly Jurado – swimming strong and getting 1.3 miles done
ALecia Williams had a Motts Channel Sprint PR
Bridget Phillips had a great swim prepping for b2b half.

and to Billy Loyd, Kelli Kerkhoff, Lisa Kerr, and Holly Cunningham all for great swimming on a day of rough water

From Coach Faye and Coach Kolk

Brianne had a 7 + min PR on a difficult half marathon course in NY.  She doesn’t want to kill me now….unlike after the hot practices we put her through over the summer ; )
Anna Maltby, Julie Throo, and Janet Coleman (3rd place AG) all finished the 15k in Brunswick Forest!  It was Julie’s longest run ever!  Congrats to all of you : )
Katherine Cammack braved the weather and participated in the SWIM the LOOP open water swim.  I Can’t WAIT to hear more about it when you return Katherine…it should have been eventful!!
Keep the great results coming…and it doesn’t have to be related to a race!  New to Level 1,  Kelli C. completed her first ever hill run tonight 🙂  I think she is hooked.  Kelli L. ( also with an i) is getting stronger on the hills…she didn’t even look tired after our workout tonight!
Brunswick Forest 15k 
Caleb and Jeremy took 2nd and 3rd
Travis 6th, Causey 7th and Donnie 8th overall
Thom Porter doing his thing and getting a good long day in!
Walt Greer PRed 7:52 pace
Jim Finley – 3rd Age Group
Anna Maltby, Julie Throo, and Janet Coleman (3rd place AG) all finished the 15k