Independence Weekend of Training and Racing

The Team of Tay Filer, Tom Clifford, Tim Nichols, Jenny Perrottet and Erin Hogston took home $2750 at the Island 11698998_715671011893856_6969774002579390847_oIndependence 5K through the team award and individual Awards.  Tom and Jenny won and Tim and Erin took 3rd overall.

Mary Margaret also won her age group here with a great time!

Congrats to Barb Wall for her awesome 5K PR!  This was a 4 min PR it windy and warm conditions.  Imagine what she will do when we get some cool crisp air:)  And great to see Mr. Andy McVey back out there!

Something that always inspires Coach Brian are the athletes that travel/vacation through the summer months and keep right along with their training plans.   Without Limits takes training on the road to be sure they do not fall off their routine too much.  While some down time is ghaasood, exercise and movement typically will make everyone feel better!! (Tucker Whitesides, Shawn Tunis, Brooks Smith, Patrick Horning, Ryan Redd, Bryan Cohen)

Last weekend we had some great performances around NC.
Jenny Perrottet and Matt Wisthoff were 1st overall at the Lake Hickory Sprint Tri.  Brian Haas took 5th in his Age group with some stiff competition!


Caroline Kratz – 11th OA Female at Blood Sweat and Gears 50-miler
John Cockrum and John Grooman – awesome time at Blood Sweat and Gears 50-miler
Mary Margaret 3rd OA female – Southport 5K
Colin Jones our fast Raleigh Masters runner hit 4:42 in the Sir Walter Pop Up Mile Championship!  Nice work Colin!
Screenshot (167)


Coach Sami prefers to say, Happy Independence Day, instead of Happy 4th.  While so many associate the 4th of July with the beach, cookouts and time off, as a nation we thrive on those “freedoms”.  We thrive on the freedom to feel safe as we ride our bikes, enjoy friends and be able to take the day for family and enjoyment.  We are ever indebted to the young men and women that fought for our freedoms waaay back in 1776 and continue to do so now.  For the families that make the sacrifice and for the men and women that allowed us to enjoy our 4th of July Tri…Thank you.  It is because of young men like Sgt. Tyler Zych that we were able to enjoy 4000 yds swimming, 40 miles of cycling and 4 miles of running and all before 11 am!!


What a great day and over 20 athletes participated in the Tri proving Without Limits is a team affair.  How about Sue Bark, Lesly Jurado, Lisa Kerr, Holly Cunningham, Paul Quam, Erin Jackson, Harrison Brown, Erik Schuette, Steve White, Chad Towne, Erin Green, Bob Gibbons, Jack Carroll, Dave Dupont,  JR Bourget, Eileen Gonzalez, Stephanie West and her buddy Kent,  Ralph Walker and honorary WOL Team Member, Coleman Cowan getting it done on the 4th of July.  Super fun times Rockstars!  And we couldn’t have done it without Rockstar paddleboarder and shark patrol extraordinaire, Joanne Harcke.  Our protector!11200825_10153508480563420_3052535570895144113_n

Welcome back to racing Clark Wadlow, as he participated in the Topsail Island 5K after a 9month racing hiatus.  Posting a decent time for his first race, He’s Back!

Without Limits looks forward to the new addition and what a ride she will have!  Thank you to such a wonderful group of athletes for pitching in on this amazing gift.  Grace Clifford is going to have some FAST rides!  #withoutlimits is #amazing11700633_10205568537751227_2931318941382302098_o (1)


The chatty chef is back and stomped on cancer.  Great work Shawn!11701119_10102388681834554_5620608372287067039_n

Last but not least – Lawrence Landrigan biked 100 miles with the IRON COWBOY – crazy but awesome!