IM Florida, Battleship Half Marathon

“A man who conquers himself, is greater than one who conquers a thousand men in battle”


Ironman Floridaandysign

The 2014 Ironman Florida was a big weekend for the Without Limits Team.  We had many new athletes heading to Panama City to conquer their first 140.6 however the weather had other plans.  WTC had to cancel the swim because of high winds and rough seas which modified the race allowing  athletes to complete the 112 mile bike and 26.2 mile run, still an amazing feat and a good taste of what the Ironman Distance holds in store.

Coach Sami Winter – 10:14:06 – 3rd in her Age Division and Qualified for Kona 2015.  This was Sami’s 12th Ironman which puts her in the 12 x Ironman Club.  What a fabulous way to end the 2014 season!  Great article here on Sami

Coach Brian Bohrer – 9:13:43 with a PR marathon time off the bike 3:27:48. samiIM Coach B always practices what he preaches!
Cameron Simpson – 9:37:43, great job Cam hitting a sub 4 hour marathon off a windy bike!
Lindsay Hess – 9:58:05 she continues to improve every race with a PR marathon off the bike WOW!
Mark Austin – 10:10:17 nice finish Mark – PR marathon off the bike

We are truely proud of our athletes, but also our coaches who time and again toe the line with their athletes and practice what they preach.  Thank you athletes and coaches for inspiring each other day in and day out and giving people new goals like being a first time Ironman!

tyrabonjen spannerrenee


cam billymarkbrianamber







First Time Ironman Finishers

These athletes walked into the unknown Saturday, testing their limits and trying to gain an understanding of how their bodies would react to “going long”  It takes years of “putting in the miles” to really gain the concept of the Ironman distance.  These athletes are now Ironmen and Ironwomen!shawn skinny

Ty Rabon – 11:14:56 – What a Journey with his training Partner Renee!  On to the next one
Shawn Wellersdick – 11:28:09 – Way to toe the line and face your fears!
Nick Rashid – 11:39:30 Nick says doing an Ironman is one thing, but doing it with the group of Without Limits Teammates makes it oh so sweet.  Great job Nick!
Billy Loyd – 11:48:44 – What an inspiration achieving greatness over 60 year old
Renee Griffin – 11:55:12 – consistent smart race!  congrats
Jen Spanner – 13:27:46 – a year of truly learning what you are capable of
Amber Howland – 14:37:07 – Rockstar Amber having a blast while doing it!

Battleship Half Marathondrew

Tracy McCullen – 1:38:38 HUGE PR and 3rd overall masters!
Mike Duncan – 1:39:23 PR after doing MCM last week, he was pacing a friend and still rolled to a PR
Ryan Hilton – 1:39:16
Stephanie DeLuca – 1:42:11  – 1st half marathon ever and 3rd in her Age Group!  Nice job Steph
Drew Terzian – 1:43:43 Personal Best on a tough course!  Way to execute Dre
Jim Finley – 1:43:45 Huge PR Jim, super stoked about this!  Awesome work

Mary Margaret McEachern – 1:47:35 she keeps on rolling feeling her best in years
Shannon Maus and Stephen Kenny used this race for a workout, way to help each other work on your weekend paces!camille
Lynda Smith and Ryan Redd – 1:59:33  BROKE 2 big PR Lynda and Ryan awesome job
Danny McKeon – 2:09:47  – beating Mom again but she’s coming after you
Camille McKeon – 2:14:34 – always smiling and running strong
Coach Fay proud of these 3 athletes who were also paced by Fred
Carrie Cheatham – 2:50:13
Regan Simmons – 2:38:15
Tricia Bennett – 2:40:20

Battleship 5K

Makalya Obremski – 4th overall PR 21:34 Isabella Bufalini – 24:22 PR and Russ May 38:31


City of Oaks Marathontodd mccoulough

Todd McCoulough cranked out a PR of 3:32 while raising a ton of money for cancer.   Todd was in the top 3 for raising money for LLS in North Carolina! This was Todd’s kickoff to “Marathon season” where his next venture will be Quintiles 2015!

NYC Marathon

Erin Collins – 4:19:23 awesome Erin, way to battle the 40mph head winds!

Greenville Resultsgreenvilleresults

Shannon Waterhouse-Howell ran Mount Masochist 50 miler with over 500 people and was 23 overall Female in a time of 10:30.