How to Motivate Yourself for 2019 – Sign Up For a Race!

By Without Limits Founder (and Coach) Tom Clifford.

Experts say that most New Years Resolutions don’t last because people de-commit to their goals just a few weeks after January 1st.  Why?  Are folks setting goals that are not realistic with their schedule?  Are people just not committed enough?  Are these goals being set with any thought behind them or are they just a lightbulb thought that vanishes when things get busy?

Are you struggling with the motivation to get out and exercise, walk, or run?  I can tell you that I  struggle with the motivation to go run

Events are Fun, Get motivated! Aaron Kolk Left, Tom Clifford Right

sometimes if I don’t have an event on the agenda.  As a dad and business owner, I can’t train the same for every event I want to do.  I have really busy times of the year and then months where things calm down and I can train more.  I have laid out 3 steps that you can do to be sure that when you set a fitness goal that involves training for an event, whether it be a 5K, Half Marathon or Marathon, you are successful at accomplishing the goal.

  1. Be realistic.  You don’t have to be ALL IN or ALL OUT.  I tell my clients that if your 80% in, that allows you to train consistently.  If you try to be 100% in and not make it to the start line because you are burned out, then you have failed on your goal.  For new runners, sit down for 30 minutes and look at your weekly schedule.  When can you run?  When can you do a little strength?  What are the typical days that you need off?  Once you figure your LIFE out, you can figure out how to work running in within that schedule.
  2. Pick a race distance that you know is attainable.  Longer is not necessarily better or tougher.  This year in 2018, I took January through April off because I had a nagging bursitis in my knee.  We also had our 2nd baby which put constraints on my schedule.  So I told myself that when  fall comes around, I would get back into 5K shape and race fast 5Ks again.  I knew that when I got back into good 5K shape, that would leave me with motivation to set other goals.  Now as I sit here and type, that certainly was the case… I am running 5Ks again and really enjoying it. So now I’m finding the motivation to do other events again:)
  3.  Make it a habit.  Ask yourself each day, or however many days you have committed to running, how you will run and when.  Sometimes it just doesn’t workout and that is ok, but at least it is part of your “weekly” habit.  If you are like me, and you go throughout the day not running yet, the guilt might begin to set in and the coffee is wearing off.  I am telling you, 5 minutes into a run, you will feel great! It’s just that first 5 minutes that sucks.  Same thing as getting up in the morning, the first 5 minutes is like a death march…..ohhh God, why do I  do this…..then once you get out the door and begin that slow jog, the ‘Forest Gump’ leg braces come off and you feel amazing.  If you don’t know what I am talking about and you are a new runner looking for motivation…..THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS TO ALL OF US.

So it is time for YOU to set a realistic goal and join in the 2019 fun (or just start today since resolutions don’t work).  You can train for anything when you plan it right.

Without Limits is the Director of the NHRMC Wrightsville Beach Marathon scheduled March 8th and 9th, 2019 (www.wrightsvillebeachmarathon.com).  The event has a 5K, 1 mile, 26.2, 13.1 and 26.2 relay.  You can be a part of this event and we are here to help you get motivated. There is a realistic goal for EVERYONE.  So set it today if you are reading this, and get healthy, happy and motivated.

Tom Clifford
Without Limits Founder
USATF Level 2 Endurance Coach