Have you had a bad workout or a bad race…….

And you are dwelling on it?  Lets start with a simple analogy…. You go to the store and buy a bunch of nice yellow ripe bananas. (Allie look familiar?)  Insert favorite fruit here by the way in case you are not a banana fan.  So you have this bunch of bananas and they look awesome.  You take them home and you notice one has a brown spot.  Your pissed.  You decide, NOPE, I am going to throw the whole bunch  away.  What a waste, this brown spot just ruined this entire nice ripe bunch…….

Sound ridiculous?

Your right, it is about as ridiculous as getting pissed at yourself for having a bad workout when the last 6 have been outstanding.  Are you going to dwell on that workout and let negative thoughts control your training?  Or are you going to take a knife and cut out that brown spot out of that nice bunch of bananas, and be excited how nice the rest of the bunch is.  It is all a choice, and you have to be REAL as an athlete.

Questions you can ask yourself?

Are you getting enough rest?  A lot of athletes think that if they don’t hit workouts because they do not have enough fitness, when most likely if they are putting the work in….they are just over tired.  Same thing with races, analyze your week…..

Did you get enough to eat or drink?  Going into a workout dehydrated can be a big factor on performance.  Same with caloric intake.

Did you run your long run too hard over the weekend?  Aerobic runs can get out of control and have a lot of residual fatigue.  Listen to your breathing when you run.  If you are breathing in and out every 2 steps or you cannot hold a steady conversation, you are going too hard.

Stay in touch with us, let us guide you with your training.  After all, 2 brains…the athlete and the coach, can always come to a better decision than just the athlete……

Coach Tom