Without Limits FAQs

View our most frequently asked questions about our coaching, apparel, Endurance Team membership and more.

What is Without Limits?


The Without Limits brand started in Wilmington, NC in 2007 and manufactures casual athletic apparel, and has a coaching division that focuses on adult endurance athletes and youth development. The Without Limits brand embodies a group of certified personal coaches who believe in the Without Limits idea and coach their athletes to become smarter, better, stronger athletes and people.

Our brand is more than Endurance Athletes, it applies to life and raising the bar for yourself to embrace challenges and break through old limits.  Check out our brand video here

What is The Without Limits Apparel Brand?

Without Limits produces and manufactures custom apparel for retail and for events. If you want to wear Without Limits and you believe in our brand, you can check out our online apparel store. If you are interested in getting Without Limits Apparel for your event, we can design and manufacture product that is 2nd to none and we will deliver amazing product that you and your event will be proud of. Find out how to order apparel for your event or company.

What is the Endurance Team?

The Without Limits Endurance Team is composed of runners, swimmers, cyclists, triathletes, swim-runners, paddlers, ultra runners and more that believe in living Without Limits and Embracing Life’s Challenges. All Without Limits coached athletes in all markets receive a free membership with any coaching package. You can join Without Limits National Endurance Team for $75 a year if you are not being coached. Being on the team gives you access to member benefits such as discounts locally and nationally, discounts on team casual athletic gear, discounts on team racing gear, race discounts, live coaching tips and more.

I am a coached athlete, how do I find the workouts and check into practice
Team Calendar & Emails:
In order to access the team calendar and team deals you have to be sure your endurance team membership is active.  If you aren’t sure, email and we can check.
  1. On a weekly basis, you will log into your account and RSVP to the practice you plan to attend.  This is how your coach will know what practice you plan to attend so they can be prepared. 
  2. To RSVP, click on the practice and click the “confirm attendance” button.
  3. Most athletes find that putting saving the Calendar to their phone home page is easiest.  You can do this by clicking your location below and finding the option on your phone to SAVE TO PHONE HOME PAGE.
If I am a coached athlete, do I need to pay $50 to be on the endurance team?

No, all coached athletes get access to the membership discounts for the endurance team.

Are there free workouts each week associated with the endurance team?

If you live near our locations you will be able to be part of forums where people organize group workouts.  We do plan big group workouts and activities throughout the year that you can take advantage of. We offer free socials throughout the year and priority registration for camps, clinics, and selected race registration.

If I do not live near a Without Limits location, can I be coached or on the team?

Yes! We would love to have you. You will feel connected to the team through our online forums, email communication and racing opportunities that work with your schedule. Without Limits coaches can also VIRTUAL COACH via Training Peaks Virtual Coaching. We coach athletes all over the country. You will also feel connected through social media and wearing Without Limits clothing and racing gear!

What is Without Limits Youth?

Along with our adult coaching opportunities, Without Limits provides youth coaching in certain markets. Without Limits believes in developing young runners and sprinting for life long knowledge and understanding of running and triathlon. The youth are our future and we want our future to be great! Learn more about our youth coaching locations and practices.

Is Without Limits just for competitive athletes that do races?

No, just like any other fitness company, Without Limits coaches are there to help you gain endurance and be healthy. You might be around people who are racing or training for something, but it doesn’t mean you have to race. Come out to stay fit and challenge yourself with a great group of people!

Is Without Limits just for fast runners?

No, Without Limits was started by Tom Clifford a division 1 collegiate runner at Eastern Michigan. Tom has a vision of taking his experiences of individual and group training that he was taught throughout his career and applying it to all runners, swimmers, and bikers of all levels who want to learn.  Whether you are just starting out and running for the first time, or you are an experienced athlete who wants to take it a step further, Without Limits has the experience, patience and knowledge to help you. Kristen, Sami, Brian, Faye, Aaron, Matt, Chris and all of the WOL coaches share a similar philosophy of wanting to help anyone at any level.  You are always welcome to come out to a practice and try it for free to see if it is the right fit for you.

If I am a Without Limits client, do I have to race for Without Limits?

No! We understand that every community has their local groups and friends they love to train or race with. Without Limits provides the opportunity to race with us at any point if you wish, but we are also coaches and have your best interests at heart. We want to help you be the best you can be and we ultimately support you and the team you race for. After all, we do this because we love it and it is a healthy way of life which is the most important!

Where are the Facebook groups to communicate with the team?

All Without Limits locations have a facebook group forum and each coach will send out weekly or monthly emails about what is going on with the team.  Be sure to reach out to your coach regarding this information.  Below are direct links to join your location Facebook Group.





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