Wrightsville Beach Triathlon Results

“If you always put limit on everything you do, physical or anything else. It will spread into your work and into your life. There are no limits. There are only plateaus, and you must not stay there, you must go beyond them”- Bruce Lee

We had some awesome  results from the Wrightsville Beach Triathlon this past weekend, with Endurance Team athletes absolutely crushing the podium! Check out the Endurance Team results below:
Also the Cherry Point Duathlon – Marcy Waters got 2nd overall!!  Great job Marcy!

Matthew Wisthoff – 1st overall male 1:01:12 – Under Without Limits coaching instruction over the past year, Matt posted his best time ever in this years WB Triathlon which is also a course record.  Matt works his butt off and does all of his training after long work hours.   Matt is our computrainer instructor at the Without Limits Cycling Center.  If you need a boost in your cycling – check out the computrainer center!

Bud Woodrum – 6th overall and won his age group with a personal best of 1:09:04

Tim Nichols – 7th overall 10 minutes faster than last year.  1:09:35

Neil Peterken – 8th overall 1:10:17Without-Limits-Endurance-Team-Results

Cam Simpson – 9th overall 1:10:26 2nd in AGE GROUP

Coach Brian – 11th overall 1:10:38 – 3rd in AGE GROUP

Lawrence Landrigan – 1st in AGE GROUP big PR – 1:12:32

Ren Rotondo  – 3rd in AGE GROUP – 1:15:18

Kyle Shepard – 1:15:19

Ty Rabon – 2 minute PR 1:16:32

Chris Ellis – 1:18:19

Chris Pope – 1:18:50

John Grooman – 1:19:14Bryan Hass – BIG PR – 1:18:52

Brad Southerland – 1:19:48 PR!!

Jeff Rooks – 1:21:36 – PR!!!Without-Limits-Endurance-Team-Results

Maleia Tumolo – 1:22:03

Christina Demers – avid Computrainer user 1:24:10

Cliff Ray – 1:24:47

Walker Taylor 1:25:43

Sam Catlett – 1:26:08 BIG PR SAM!!!

Alecia Williams – 1:27:11 – AGE GROUP WINNER

Renee Griffin 1:27:32

Shay Hutchings – 1:27:46

Marla Engrahm  – 1:27:58

Leslie Jurado – 1:33:51 – 2ND IN AGE GROUP

Amber Howland – 1:35:42 – 2nd in the ATHENA DIVISIONWithout-Limits-Endurance-Team-Results

Erin Collins – 1:36:46

Don Kays – 1:37:32 – 1st TRIATHLON

Andy McVey – 1:38:12

Angela Leonard – 1:39:25

Billy Lloyd – 1:39:34 BIG PR!!!!

Jen Spanner – 3rd in the ATHENA DIVISION – 1:39:44

Gary Cook – 1:40:15

Clark Wadlow – 1:50:29

Beth Brampton – 2:03:03

WITHOUT LIMITS TEAM RELAY – Coach Kristen, Steve Lewis, and Coach Tom  – overall relay winners and congrats to Shannon who was on a relay with Ralph Walker and Jonathon Washburn.

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