October Finishes with Scary Awesome Results! IMNC, SwimRun, MCM, Peak2Creak and more….


Ironman NC 70.3
Ironman Man NC was a huge success! Without Limits athletes swept the course leading to incredible finishes from everyone. It was perfect weather for this perfect team.
Beth Brampton returned after a DNF at Santa Rosa and put down a 45 min PR on this course!  Huge and inspiring.
Jennifer Barker battled with a set back that put her on a relay for the event, but her attitude got her through and she had fun! Way to not give up and find another way to race.
Jennifer Mott continues to be determined to improve. Her resilience and dedication do not go unnoticed, and she continues to get stronger and faster every day.
David McBride – David reached and got what he wanted!  A sub 5 (4:58:17) David got back into TRI’s this year after some time off and worked his butt off and it payed off!
Sarah Horton – Beat her goal by 10 minutes clocking a 5:50 (goal sub 6) Phenomenal Sarah!  Sorry you got your kit the next day:)
Bryan Haas – After basically a year of traveling around the world for work, Bryan still was able to get most of his workouts in and snag a 5:20!  Pretty dang good for a hard worker!
Cate Piech – FIRST 70.3  Over a year ago, Cate could not run a mile.  Now finishing 70.3  Amazing Cate!

Coach Tom DQ in 2016 lit a fire in him to return to the race and erase the memories of 2016.  Tom took 1st place overall with a PR of 4:02:59.
Coach Aaron is a TRIATHLETE!  What a season doing several races that prepared him for a 4:19 PR, 10th overall finish and best Teammate high five!
Alisha Murray – Super proud of Alisha, she exceeded her physical expectations, crossing the finish line in 6 hours 27 mins which was a PR 70.3 race day
Lynda Smith – Rocked the course and had tons of fun with her team and friends especially on the bike!  Another major accomplishment for Lynda
Travis Snead – Travis training all the way out from Supply fits in his workouts around Landscaping!  We are proud of you Travis.
Lori Drake had an awesome time of 5:59:16. Lori said “When you set goals for yourself it doesn’t matter how your reach them, just as long as you reach them!”  Great work girl, way to reach your goal.
Shay Hutchings – coming in all the way from California to have a blast and get a sub 5 hour clocking 4:55
Catherine Clement – Catherine not only volunteered but raced amazing clocking a sub 7 in an awesome effort!  Thanks Catherine for your inspiration.
Katherine Cammack – You can’t not Love Katherine and her positive attitude toward everything.  Great work finishing IMNC 70.3
Sue Bark – Rockin;’ it out in the 65-69 Age group and moving strong is Sue Bark.  We got to see Sue after the race and she was as enthusiastic as when she started!  Way to kill it Sue!
Lindsey Hess is a rock star. After peaking at WORLD 70.3 Championships, Lindsay decided, “what the heck”, IMNC 70.3 here I come.  She battled a hot run, but had both a great bike and swim and an accomplished season.

Mark Austin– Team Sponsor Mark Austin ran on a relay working the half marathon on a hot day preparing for fall racing!
Todd Midgett – Todd is awesome to have on the team and a great training partner!  You tha man Todd, thanks for racing with us and kicking butt.  4:36



Baystate Marathon
Diana Davis
brought home a new Marathon PR.  Her next goal BOSTON QUALIFY!  She is right there and she WILL get it.  Pretty awesome race Diana and thanks to her husband Philip for pushing her.

Deborah Dotson
concurred her 5th MCM Finish, earning her MCM Legacy!

Ragnar Hill Country Texas
Shelly Bonoathan and Logan Bonathan conquered 124 miles of trails with 2 other friends. Such a fun race with such a fun group of people.

Peak 2 Creek Marathon
Leah Blakely
Mary Margaret McEachern
Cathy Moore

Son Run
Peyton Thomas – 17:16 first female overall
Ray Soporowski  – 18:22 PR
Beth Ann Soporowski – 19:13 PR
Kyle Shepard – 19:43
Tracy McCullen 20:48
Gloria Kelly – 36:35

Chatty-Jack Run/Paddle
Congratulations to Marcy and Dion Waters for their awesome race performance in crazy conditions


SwimRun Virginia – big props to Dr. Renton and Dr. Jackson for living up to the active lifestyle and having a blast!  Patrick worked hard for this one and it turned up the motivation gas!  Good job man

SwimRun NC – Hanging Rock
Hanging rock was an absolute blast and it was pretty amazing to see what a great time everyone had! Results and pictures speak for themselves.

Coach Kristen and Jenny Ledford took 1st place females overall!
Bridget Phillips and Jennifer Devers placed 2nd place females overall. Way to go girls. Other fantastic finishes included:
Kyle Phillips and Keith Parrella 1th overall in the men’s field with tough competition
Paul Quam and Jose Gonzalez gave it their all and had a blast
Eileen Gonzalez and Erin Jackson – the conversations might have been better than the race:)
Massimo Crudeli and Jennifer Barker – according to Jens FB – the best weekend ever!
Stephanie Walters and Julie Shaw – enjoyed racing and sitting on top of the world!
Ty Rabon and Coach Brian – They traded leads in both the Swim/Run and had good conversation.  Ty learned Brian has stories!