Trey McCain

The Low-Down on Trey

A lifelong athlete, Trey is inspired by athletes who push themselves beyond their natural abilities to achieve their goals and wants to help others do the same. Trey has competed in cross country and track up to the college level with great success. A firm believer in doing the miles, Trey credits his work ethic to his high school coaches who taught him that great things come to those who make the sacrifices and his teammates who were willing to run in the mornings just to get some extra miles in the heat, rain, and snow. Trey competed for Mars Hill University where he was a 3 time first team all-conference XC runner, 2 time conference champion in track at the 5,000 and 2 time conference champion at the 10,000. In 2010 he ran the 3rd fastest cross country 10k in school history.

What He Coaches

Director of the Columbia, SC Without Limits Branch and Levels 1- 3 Running Groups

Guilty Pleasure

Anime and Taylor Swift

Top Songs on his Playlist

Lying from You- Linkin Park live at Milton Keynes, Monster- Skillet, Twilight Zone- Golden Earring, Sweetness- Jimmy Eat World, Vicious Love- New Found Glory

Favorite Events

Trail races, 5k on the track, 8k XC

Qualities Trey Admires In His Students

Trey admires students who are willing to do the work necessary to improve.

Defining Moment In Trey’s Career

My first high school coach gave my team copies of a quote from an article about former mile record holder Jim Ryun. It said that Ryun ran twice a day everyday through rain, snow, and heat. I still have my copy and it’s what motivated me to train at high mileage in the most extreme conditions starting in Liberty, MO, Gilbert, SC, and Mars Hill, NC

Columbia, SC

Personal Bests

800 2:03
1500 4:11
Mile 4:28
2000 5:45
3000 8:54
8000 25:35
10,000 32:09
Half Marathon (13.1) 1:14:47
Marathon 3:06:13

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