aka “The Old Man”

The Low-Down on Brent

GUILTY PLEASURES: beer, popcorn, ‘redrageous’ Mike & Ike’s, candy corn.

TOP SONG ON PLAYLISTS: I love music of just about all types, but when I am training, it’s progressive rock. Yes, Rush, DreamTheatre genre…because when the miles go long and it starts to hurt, you just need something gritty at 180+ bpm to bring you home!

FAVORITE EVENTS: 2016 White Lake Olympic -surprised even myself by just going for it all! My favorite races are the local races, where teammates, friends, and family that have been training hard right there with you all come together. Where meeting and being met at the finish line to celebrate the achievements of all the hard work is truly a community effort.

QUALITIES BRENT ADMIRES IN HIS STUDENTS: The very things that I have had to work so hard at and encourage my teammates with: mental toughness, heart, won’t quit attitude, trust the training!

DEFINING MOMENT IN BRENT’S CAREER: That aha moment when I realized that I WAS responsible for my training short-comings, that my inability to perform on a level in my head just didn’t match reality….and I was lucky to have had understanding coaches who allowed me to realize that I had to learn how to get out my own way. Talent will only get you into the race, but it’s hard work and mental toughness that brings you home!


Wilmington, NC

Personal Bests

1 Mile 5:55
5k 22:27
10K 46:00
Olympic Tri 2:33
13.1 1:39
26.2 4:15
70.3 5:35
140.6 12:03


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