Chattanooga, Carolina Beach Double, More May Team Results

“This is a year beyond expectations and I am blessed to be able to work with athletes who inspire me daily. Chatty 70.3 came together perfectly. I had my special Coach Dave’s Girls bracelet on my right wrist always and this has never come off since a very special friend gave that to me (Never Give Up). Wearing MOJO on my left hand and sending vibes to Sam and wearing a bracelet with CPL Jacob Palmatier on my right arm, I was decked out for the race. Baby Blue had her party wheels on and was wearing Go Fast and I love the Chatty course. After Mark and Lindsey both tried to pummel me in the swim, I had so much fun on that bike course. We were a bit careful for the first 30 miles because it poured rain, but it was just fun. I had sent a note to my athletes last week reminding them about why we race and finding your why! Being on that run course and seeing my friends kept me going on a crazy hilly run. I’ve been extremely cautious this year because of my “trick” knee and have babied it like crazy, but she came through. I was “lucky” at rolldown to claim a spot for Austria 70.3 Worlds and decided I only live once and I want to live without any regrets. That sounds silly, maybe, but circumstances have taught me that (especially the past few months). So I am beyond blessed to be headed to both Austria and Kona and honestly can’t believe it. I want to enjoy every minute of both of those experiences and I’ll have my “jewelry in tow”. The words strength, courage and inspiration are here to remind me why!” ~Coach Sami

Chattanooga 70.311232015_10101179515798086_2903365615486450041_n

Mark Austin is rollin back into shape hitting a 5:11:45 with a PR Swim
Coach Sami Qualifies for Austria World 70.3 championships taking 8th in her AG.  5:18:32
Lindsay Hess rocked a 5:21:07 and took 15th in her AG
Amy Cotta:  Finishing strong in her “boots”.  Check out the newsletter for pictures

Carolina Beach Double Sprint

Congrats to Brian Haas 1st AG 40-44, Ty Rabon – 3rd in his Age Group 35-39, Frank Fisher – 1st in AG 45-49, Dave Sami-Mark-Lindsey in ChattyDupont 3rd Age Group 50-54, Leslie Jurado – 4th AG 30-34, and Renee Griffen – 2nd in AG 45-49, Chad Towne: Awesome race after returning from IT injury, Kelli Kerkhoff: Masters Novice Winner

Ortho Wilmington 5k

Hot day for the Ortho Wilmington runners but nice efforts from WOL Athletes
Rob Reynolds – 19:09
Jeremey Snodgrass – 19:27
Makayla Obremski  – 20:57
Isabella Bufalini 22:38Amy Cotta finishing
Kelli Kerkhoff  – 23:06
Kaitlyn Obremski – 24:40
Witt Reynolds – 27:10

 Other noteworthy performances

Caroline Kratz – Top 3 in AG in all her 7 events at Y Master Nationals
John Cockrum – 48 min PR on his Beech Mountain Metric race
Jenny Perrottet – Top 5 overall female at Stoked To Go Out Swim
Anthony Enoch completes the Brooklyn Half and adds to the numerous amount of races he has done all over the world!

Level 1 continues to put the pressure on each other at each practice.  When someone is running strong, they encourage everyone to keep up.  This is what teamwork does for us…  Everyone at LEVEL 1 practice keeps improving!!

Level II practice this week was awesome: Team Kristen and Sami are back together. So much fun to have us all back and what a great group this evening. Loved the camaraderie and the energy and congrats to Paul Quam and Grant Meyers our athletes of the week. Surfberry and Rick Civelli you Rock for doing this for us. Pretty happy coaches tonight :-)) And everyone looked so strong!

Level III Practice is amazing every day.  These athletes are working together, keeping workouts, WORKOUTS, instead of races.  The encouragement and down right dedicated attitude while having a good time is the vibe we want!  It is all about the journey and embracing the challenge!  The challenge and the discomfort is what we build a relationship with!  That makes us stronger athletes and stronger people!

Sherman’s 100 miler – Massanutten

May 16-17, 2015, George Washington National Forest, Shenandoah Valley, VA – The race is called the Massanutten 100 11127900_10152705894842434_5656093240875602156_n(MMT100) but the official distance of the race 103.7 miles. If I had truly known how difficult this race was, I doubt I would have attempted it. From research after the race I discovered it was ranked the 8th Hardest Ultra in the USA. I decided to run this race solo & entered the solo division, meaning no support crew, pacers or listening devices. The race had 15 Aid Stations (AS) with 11 where we could drop off small bags with any special needs. The 11 bags I dropped off each had 10 ounces of beet juice, 2 Gu Roctane Gels, 2 S-Caps and then depending on my anticipated time of arrival, small flashlight, headlamp, long sleeve shirt, extra batteries and/or Aleve. I will discuss how I used these during the race. Read more about Sherman’s race here







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