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Cadence on the Bike, and Why You Should Care

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One question that pops up all the time at the Computrainer lab is, “what cadence should I be riding at?” Well, that depends. Let’s start by defining what cadence is. Cadence refers to how many revolutions per minute (RPM’s) you make for one leg while riding. Therefore, if your right leg goes around 90 times […]

Opportunities by Jon Carne

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I often wonder sometimes how the phrase “being in the right place at the right time” came into being.. Who was the first person to utter those words and why.. Sometimes when good things happen we can get caught up in the moment and think we… had participation in the opportunity vs making the most […]

Video: Beach 2 Battleship Apparel

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Take a closer look at our apparel at the Beach 2 Battleship Expo. We will be out at the event this weekend selling our B2B gear.  Come check out our selection and quality. Without Limits Apparel from lemonstripe on Vimeo.

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