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Dr. Heather Braithwaite’s Success with Nutritionist Diana Davis

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By: Dr. Heather Braithwaite December 1st 2019 I often use the taper portion of my marathon training cycle to reflect on the prior weeks and months of hard work as a means of reinforcing my confidence and expressing gratitude for my health.  This is, in fact, my third taper in 2019 and I am entering […]

New York City Marathon Recap by Coach Chris Bailey

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Several people have asked me to share more about my race and how I prepared for it. I decided to write a recap as a way to share my experience, but also so that I could remember the experience for years to come. I believe that reflecting on goal races and training cycles, whether you […]

Healthy Holiday Eating

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October 29th, 2019 By:Diana Davis, RDN, LDN, CDE Without Limits Dietitian/Nutritionist Why is it that the two words “healthy” and “holiday” don’t seem to belong together in the same phrase describing our eating habits this time of year?  Could it be that in our culture we equate the holiday season with a partial (if not […]

Sometimes the Best Races are the Ones that are Unplanned

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By Heather Anzallo October 21st 2019 My First 5K Running has always been a source of happiness for me. I started running when I was young, participating in 1 Mile Kid Fun Runs.  I continued to run track & field and play competitive travel soccer throughout my school years. In high school I decided soccer […]

What is the Line that Separates Pain from Injury?

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By: Coach Maleia Tumolo October 11th 2019 You have headed out for a run and you realize that something is off… your knee feels funny or maybe your shin is burning a little.  Here is the thing beginner or Pro it doesn’t mater who you are because training for endurance sports as a runner, cyclist, […]

Running Fasted vs. Running Fed

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By: Diana Davis, RDN, LDN, CDE Without Limits Dietitian/Nutritionist September 25th, 2019 This week I want to take a look at the research on running in a fasting state. I hope that this discussion  can help each athlete consider whether the potential benefits warrant a change in fueling before a morning workout or a later […]

How Much Carbohydrate Do I Need Before Exercise?

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August 27th, 2019 By: Diana Davis Without Limits Registered Dietician How Much Carbohydrate Do I Need Before Exercise? Most athletes should consume 30 g of carbohydrate at least 5 to 10 minutes before exercise to improve performance. If you are going to exercise for more than 1 hour at moderate intensity, eat about a half […]

Nutrition-Related Fatigue in Sport

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August 27th, 2019 By: Diana Davis Without Limits Registered Dietician Nutrition-Related Fatigue in Sport Exercise-related fatigue is the inability to continue exercise at the desired pace or intensity. There are several nutritional factors that contribute to fatigue. Depleted muscle glycogen stores Hypoglycemia (low blood glucose levels due to blood glucose uptake by skeletal muscles) Dehydration […]

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