BIG WEEKEND! PPD Beach2battleship | Weekend Road Races

PPD Beach2Battleship FULL Distance 140.6 miles

Lawrence Landrigan – if you wanted to witness a perfectly executed race, you would have seen Lawrence Landrigan’s 9:48 full Iron Distance on Saturday.  Not only was this over an hour PR, but every aspect of Lawrences race got an A+.  This would be like golfing a 65 for 18 holes.  Here is his blog: 10155078_10208147745550857_7612850162282832522_n

Alisha Murray– 12:45 –  She put the in the time and dedication and crushed her first Iron Distance race.

Alecia Williams – 12:22 – 1st in her Age group in her first full and she was awarded USAT Long Course Regional Champion for her age group.  Check out her blog post: WOW!

Mike Nichols– Huge PR! 11:51!  All the hard work paid off!

Ty Rabon – fronted with adversity with IM Maryland getting cancelled – he came back and hit the 12 hour marker on the dot.  With IT Band issue on the run, he conquered and prevailed!

Billy Lloyd:  Billy hit a Homerun and got 3rd in AG in his first Iron Distance Race.  True grit and determination and it’s amazing how things come together 🙂

Kelli Kerkhoff:  Swim/Bike relay with her husband Andy and what a training day for Kelli.  Lots of valuabl12138535_764091127051844_6496429843901562369_oe lessons on her way to IMFL!  

Phillip Davis and Wisty had great FULL distance swims in a nice northern wind chop but with the current!

Kyle Shepard PRed on his bike with a 5:20 time.  He was on a relay.

Shelley Malloy and Ryan Hilton PRed in their marathon portions of the full distance relay.  Ryan ran 3:21 and Shelley a 3:34!  Can’t say enough about the hard work these 2 put in.

On a short training cycle Tanya Mae ran her first marathon in a relay 3:52.  Great first, but not last, marathon!


PPD Beach2Battleship HALF Distance 70.3IMG_0008

Tim Nichols – PPD B2B HALF CHAMPION.  4:07 PR – NUFF SAID!

Shay Hutchings:  Another Homerun by a Without Limits Rockstar!  Huge PR and first Male Military with a 4:51!   Just last year he did his first at 6:27 in Austin and now look at him.  Bigger and even better things to come Shay!

Brian Causey:   Magic was worked and BC took home 1st place AG with a 4:52!   

Mark Dillon – even with a hernia this guy still had a legitimate PR!  Nice work Mark.

Lindsay Hess:  PR for Lindsey and 2nd AG!  Our goal was to get faster and fitter and we did.  Some valuable lessons on the course, but what a treat to see her at the finish line.

Mark Austin:  We could argue this was the team of Hess and Austin as they worked together to get to the finish.   Some daysIMG_0015 are better than others, but the finish line and the dedication and grit to get there is always remarkable.  Finishing together, Mark helped Lindsey get across that line.  

Bridget Phillips – her first 70.3 distance – Took 2nd in her Age Group AND had the 2nd fastest run 1:33 behind the female winner.  5:10!

Steve Risely – Steve had a PR and had the perfect race under him until he got a little dehydrated.  Steve pulled through with an aid station stop and got through it with a 5:24

Barry Graham – The Triwarrior, rocked B2B as a good prep for Florida

Tucker Whitesides: In June was worried about finishing his first Olympic distance tri and came in with a 5:24 for his first Half!  Amazing job!  All while in Grad-School.

Dave Dupont – Dave always rocks it and ends up with a positive face and great result.  5:2412140012_764090933718530_5806745481981807217_o

Tracy McCullen – first 70.3 distance and pulled off a 5:30!  Huge Race for Mr. Tracy aka Richard Simmons 

Marla Engrahm:  1st in swim for the Female AG’ers and a 30 min PR.  Congrats Marla on a solid race Rockstar!

Chad Towne:  First half Iron Distance Race and sub 6:00!

Holly Cunningham:  First half Iron Distance Race and what a way to finish the year.  You conquered the swim, Holly!  Way to go!

Lisa Kerr:  The team of Cunningham and Kerr posted a solid day and crushed their goal by almost 30 min.  That is the way to get it done.  Congrats Lisa on a great day

Beth Brampton – come back year and able to accomplish her goals!

Erik Hoffacker:  Just 6 weeks ago he could barely walk without pain.  It takes a village to raise a triathlete and today he 12094757_764091030385187_595250207624207375_ocrossed the finish line with a smile.  Way to go Erik and proud of what you accomplished this year racing for Medals of Honor.

Steve Kenny:  First Tri back in 3 years.  Had a solid race all the way around.

Allie Shofe – Allie is always smiling out there, while she didn’t plan to do the race, she decided at the last minute to get in the mix!  Great job

Sue Bark:  Sue is simply a Rockstar!   3 half distance races this year….Remarkable.  

Congrats to Steve White, Roxanne Pearson, Lauren Stevenson and Janet Coleman for their team relay performances!  Great representation!  Even though Steve’s Ironman Maryland got cancelled, he still came forward and joined a relay!  Thanks Steve and great work

Congrats to Coach Tom, Shawn Wellersdick and Shawn Horton in the NHRMC B2B 5K.  While the course was 3.3 miles, the calculations of their times through 3.1 miles would have been great.


Ryan Redd:  A new PR for Ryan at 1:54!  Remember strong and healthy and I think we’ll add patience 🙂

Patrick Horning – PRed 1:48! It just keeps getting better!

Allie Kassons raced a 5K in 19:19 solo performance – but great job

Thank you to all of the WITHOUT LIMITS Volunteers that served at the PPD Beach2Battleship.  This includes too many committee members  and the numerous athletes that volunteered from 4:45 am-midnight.  It is the volunteers that make the day and we couldn’t do this race without YOU.  It was absolutely EPIC!\

IMG_0020 IMG_0019 12138548_764091523718471_8996550315038687112_o 12120038_764090963718527_5203771042067513009_o 12022553_1196802853669025_9072604558088377482_o 1912096_764091157051841_8542013316275025889_o