A mix of April Races ending with Boston! Wilmington Athletes continue to Shine

“Sometimes you need a lil’ nudge in the right direction to keep you on the straight and narrow.”

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Coach Brian Bohrer is Rockstar of the month!! Completing his first 100 mile ultra event in under 24 hours and earning a Silver buckle at the Umstead 100. Proving it is about heart, grit and tenacity, he worked around a crazy work schedule and got it done. Super excited for Coach Brian, as I know there are more to come 🙂 Umstead 100 Rockstar!


WOL Boston Athletes all finished in Boston.  Dealing with warm temps and not much help from the wind it ended up being tough conditions for any PRs.  It was actually the 2nd hottest Boston since the early 1900s.  Congrats to Coach Colin for a 2:58 and a legit paced race.  and Erik Rasmussen crushed it with a 2:42 leading the Wilmington crowd.  Congrats to Michelle Fogle on being the top ILM Female and team sponsor.  Maybe it was because they met these guys the day before?  Pretty awesome!


A shout out to Boston Finishers: Ryan Hilton, Tracy McCullen, Shawn Wellersdick, Donnie Norris, Rick O’Donnell, Jennifer Keever Peterken, Renee Zukerman, Phillip Davis, John Cockrum, Kelli Nolan Kerkhoff and Mark Austin.


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And how about Amazing Anne Steketee at the Boston 5K!  Running the entire thing was a goal and it became a reality and what a better place to do it!  She joined Diana Davis Ginny Cockrum and Michelle Hackman along with many of our other runners who did the 26.2 mile race Monday!


Gears and Steers Ride for Hospice: This looked amazing and we had a great turn out from the team wanting to go ride some hills. Anna, Lesly, Ryan, Erin, Jack, Holly, Angela, Lori, Beth, Lauren, Allie, Jen and Doug Wheeler. Some of you might have gotten lost but ALL of you did a great job getting on the saddle and riding. Congrats to you all!


We were all pretty stoked when we ran into Boston Marathon race director Dave McGillivary and he had his Without Limits Tee on! Now that is some inspiration!


Long time Without Limits Florida athlete, Ilene Schnall brought home some hardware at the South Beach Olympic placing 3rd in her AG! Great way to start the 2017 Tri Year Rockstar. Let the IM training commence.

Jose and Elieen Gonzalez tackle and conquer the Assault on the Carolinas. This couple loves to ride and test their skills in the mountains. With huge elevation gains and climbs reaching a 15% grade except to see these two tear it up this year on their bikes! Awesome job and congrats!


Congrats Alice Kassens on some great personal bests and overall finishes at her swim meet 2 weeks after WB Marathon

Dave Dupont is back and in good fashion with a 1st overall age group at Belews Lake Sprint Tri!

Texas 70.3 proved that the big state of Texas is exactly that: big winds of 25-35 steady, big waves, big humidity and big big FUN! Shay Hutchings posted an excellent start to the 2017 tri year and showed how strong he has become on the bike by working hard in the pre-season. Coach Sami made Galveston her vacation after Quintiles and why not jump into a 70.3! Super fun times on a super awesome tri day!


Congratulations to Michael Jones on the Cherry Blossum 10 Miler. Holding his pace steady for the entire race and making friends along the way. What a great event and Congrats Michael on some steady training and racing.

The Awesome Austin Athletes conquered one of the most difficult Ragnar Events with a few friends. Caroline Bloom ran 35+ miles on the hilliest sections (add big hills in Texas) and Logan Bonathan did the same. This is coming from an athlete that one year ago would have laughed at doing Ragnar and now he did it!!! Congrats Caroline and Logan and to Michelle Bonathan, their sherpa…it couldn’t be done without you. A great Austin trio with huge goals and dreams!

Cooper River:
How about athlete and Coach Chris Bailey for his top Charleton runner at Cooper River.  Way to go Chris!  Congrats to Mark Austin, Ty Rabon and Lindsey Hess on another fantastic Cooper River Bridge 10K. It never disappoints. Janet Coleman and Judy Williams braved the bridge just 1 week after running the Wrightsville Beach half marathon!!


Beth Brampton and her ladies conquered the Cooper River Bridge and had a great weekend. BB has been doing so well and been making everyone smile! Keep it up and keep smiling 🙂

Rock-n-Roll Raleigh Half:
Frances White completed another Half Marathon, this time a week after completed the Wrightsville Beach Half! Beautiful finishing pic Frances!


Jennifer Barker jumped in the RNR 5K and came out with a 1st in her AG out of 163 runners and top 10 overall! Always finding ways to make training fun! Awesome job

Blue Ribbon Run:
Aaron Kolk cruised to another victory.  He is on a roll with his running and falling in love with it all over again!  We are all proud of you kolk and it is nice to see you competing like an animal again!


Katie Elzer-Peters jumped in to run the Tinted Turtle 5k for fun with a friend and was unexpectedly surprised at how much her fitness had improved from the last 5k she ran! Proving that no pressure races can still be great opportunities to enjoy the progress you have made 🙂

Granite Falls Tri:
Mike Nichols had a great race and is gearing up for the Santa Rosa 70.3.

Congratulations to Tim Gill on an Olympic Distance Tri 7 min PR at the Charleston Olympic. A few challenges, but he left feeling strong on the bike and posted a solid run. Awesome job Tim and can’t wait for Santa Rosa 70.3

Talented artist, runner and triathlete, Sue Bark now adds distance cycling to her resume. She is tackling a 13 days endurance cycle from Wilmington to the Outer Banks. Lots of camping and good times await. Have a ball Sue.