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What a year it has been.  It started out tough, with more postponements of events and altered training schedules. We had to stay strong both mentally and physically!  In the second half of the year, large running events returned, the Olympics came back, world records were broken, and people continued to break through their limits.

While we athletes love to stick with an unaltered schedule, facing the challenges of our lives when the world around us changes adds to our journey.

For us, we woke up every morning and went to work. When we see our name every day WITHOUT LIMITS, we were reminded that we can face the challenges ahead of us and overcome whatever life may throw at us, TOGETHER!

2022 will be a whole new journey.  I don’t like to say “beginning” because we can start today, but regardless, January 1st is a fresh start to a new year.  It is a way to look back and reflect on the past and look forward and say how can I be better.

The next two weeks are a great time to spend with friends and family and rest your mind a little, but keep training your body.

One thing we learned over the last 18 months, we need to be HEALTHY!  Being fit and working our bodies is important to boosting our immune system.

Below we highlighted our year and also added what we have in store for 2022.  Thank you for following us, and being part of our journey.  Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and Happy Holidays.

We hope to see you at one of our next races or practices.  Enjoy the rest of 2021 and SET GOALS NOT LIMITS for 2022!  See you out there.


There are so many stories and things to say about 2021.  Below is a very brief recap of what we are all about.  However, to get the full experience, you can get involved in Without Limits many ways!  Coaching, events, nutrition, or follow us on social media!  Tell us your story.  Our athletes and the performances that happen at our events help tell the story.  We hope you have a great 2022.

We kicked off 2021 helping athletes reschedule their racing calendars because of postponed races.  It was a challenge we had to overcome since many races got moved to the spring or to the fall of 2021.  Keeping athletes engaged and healthy was the number one priority.

Our events were a huge success in 2021:

Without Limits produced the Southern Tour Ultra and the Novant Health Wilmington Marathon one week apart at the beginning of April.  These races were postponed from January and February and our team was focused and worked very very hard to pull off two successful races just 6 days apart.  The Marathon contributed over 2 million in economic impact and raised nearly $40,000 for local groups and non-profits including Health Possible.

We teamed up with Set Up Events on the White Lake Half Pro-Am, and with the help of Coach and Pro Triathlete Aaron Kolk, we were able to provide a prize purse for Pro-Triathletes all over the USA to come race in White Lake.  We are growing that race in 2022 and hope to see you there!

This fall our races had record numbers starting with the Copperhead 20K and 20K Beer Relay with over 700 athletes and 140 teams and over $3000 going to area non-profits with Plastic Ocean Project coming on board as a benefactor!

We then moved into the YMCA Wrightsville Beach Triathlon which had over 1100 triathletes and raised over $20,000 for the YMCA of Southeastern NC.

Swim the Loop sold out and raised money for the NC Coastal Federation.  Our team stepped up to Volunteer at this year’s IRONMAN 70.3 NC.

We then shifted to the Parkway Subaru Battleship Half Marathon which was just shy of 2000 athletes and raised nearly $8000 for local groups including the living with water fund for the Battleship.

We finished up in 2021 with the Shakori 40 and brewed our first Beer for a race, the Shakori 40 Hazy IPA.  This was a huge hit and a ton of fun.

The Wilmington Team has been steady all year, holding each other accountable to attend practices and racing to new personal bests.  A crew got to live their dreams at this fall’s Boston Marathon.  We love the fact that 55-60 people wake up every Tuesday and Thursday to Run.  20-30 people spend their afternoon running with us and a consistent 20-30 wake up to swim with us each week no matter what the weather is!  That is accountability!  If you want to surround yourself with people who care and who want to improve, come join us at practice!

Our Charleston Team has grown and hired two new coaches.  Welcome Meredith Nelson and Jennifer Bennett.  Congrats to the Charleston team for all of their 2021 success.  Coach Chris Bailey and crew continue to plan their 2022 year and are ready to help anyone in the Charleston area improve!  Visit Charleston

The Greenville Team is youth and Ultra focused.  Coach Hammersmith added Jay Baker to his list of coaching staff and has put a lot of focus on the Upstate Ultra race series that includes over 50 events in upstate South Carolina.  Greenville has a successful Without Limits Youth Team and continues to help athletes reach their goals in the long distance races!  Coach and Athlete Victoria Hammersmith is also leading the pack with her amazing race finishes. Visit Greenville

Coach Trey is meeting athletes very early in the morning in Columbia!  Talk about dedication.  Coach Trey is developing Without Limits Youth athletes in Columbia and continues to work with individual athletes to help them reach goals. Visit Columbia

Welcome Coach Josh Estep to the coaching team.  He has put his love for running into the Triangle Youth community and the Without Limits Triangle Team has taken off!  If you are in the triangle, contact Coach Josh Estep. Visit Without Limits Triangle

Cross Country Camp – Coach Colin Hackman and Michelle Hackman have kept the Without Limits Cross Country camp alive during the pandemic.  They worked hard to follow all protocols and have helped kids live the dream of training in the Mountains of NC.  The Without Limits XC Camp is helping some of the top runners in North and South Carolina get better but also have fun and enjoy running.  Look for details on the 2022 Without Limits XC Camp.

2022 TEAM

We are kicking it back old school style for our 2022 team shirts!  All athletes who want to be a part of Without Limits Team by attending practices, youth programs, or virtual online coaching programs will receive a 2022 team shirt!  We hope you will consider being part of the team in 2022 if you are looking to improve, be held accountable or simply enjoy endurance training. We can help adult or youth athletes with structured programming during any time of the year.  Our goal is help you reach that PEAK toward your race goals or fitness goals or just to stay accountable with solid strucutre and programming that makes sense for you.

If you are in – contact us by clicking the button below



– Last Man Standing – Backyard Ultra Approved
– 50 mile
– 50K
– 50 mile age graded team relay


– 26.2 Marathon
– 13.1 Half Marathon
– 26.2 Relay
– Downtown 5K
– Free 1 mile Run 14 and under


– Short Course
– Long Course
– Short Course SOLO

May 7th – White Lake Pro-AM Half

– 1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike, 13.1 mile run

Mid July – Without Limits Cross Country Camp

– Lees McRae College – Banner Elk

August 27th – Copperhead 20K and 20K Beer Relay

– 20K Individual
– 20K Beer Relay
– Beer Mile

September 24th – YMCA Wrightsville Beach Triathlon

– 1200 Swim, 11 mile bike, 5K run

October 2022 – Swim the Loop

– 1.3  mile point to point swim
– 3.5 mile Loop Swim

November 13th – Parkway Subaru Battleship Half Marathon

– 13.1 Half Marathon
– 10K
– 5K

December 10th – Shakori 40

– 40 mile individual
– 40K Individual
– 40 mile Team Relay – Age Graded


We hope you have enjoyed our podcast channel.  We love talking about how life and endurance sports are intertwined and how you can improve!  We will continue to offer our podcasts and we appreciate if you follow us on any of your podcast streaming networks!

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