Sleighing early December Races and Training

“The best athletes are made during the off-season. One run can change your day, but many runs can change your life” – Let’s do this!

California International Marathon
Jason Klaitman had a huge race – Negative splitting and finishing with a 3:07 BQ.  Way to execute the plan Jason!

Nittany Valley Half Marathon
Chris B ran a plethora of hills at her ½ marathon in PA the first weekend in December with her son and she clocked a excellent time of 2:25:22. You both did great pushing thru the hilly challenge.

Dashing Thru the Glow
This was such a fun race at night with friends and family! It was great to see our WOL team out with their kids, training them young!
The Monteith crew had a fun test run for the Jingle Bell 5k the following weekend. David Buckner (Team WOL Monteith) raced a strong 23:05! Other great race times included:
Maddi Godwin – 32:11 ; Brad Pait – 27:27 ; Lyle Hagwood – 31:11; Stephen Donley – 31:51; and Danielle Conway – 32:12; Anthony Enoch with an awesome time (and photos) of 34:40! Great pace Anthony.

Local 5ks
Janet banged out another 5k this weekend.  Racing 3 weekends in a row… her legs never get tired! With a great time of 35:15, she’ll be out for more racing fun

Race Across Durham Trail race
Patrick Horning had a great race and is training hard for the Uwharrie 40 miler all while pulling off a 16th OA finish.

Devil Dog Ultra 100k
Coach Brian and John M ran 100k together!!! Even through a severe rolled ankle, Brian pushed through and was 4th AG and John was 5th AG. Way to not give up, and “keep putting one foot in front of the other”

USATF XC 6k Nationals
Alice Kassens placed 15th overall and also scored enough points during the season to place 2nd in the women’s 40-44 division. Congrats Allie on a wonderful season.

Naughty and Nice 5K
Jennifer Parrella is back!! Way to start off with a 1st in AG win with an awesome time!!

Wrightsville Beach Jingle Bell 5K
The Monteith Crew rocked their “home town” race. (and built all the restaurants and apartments at the start of the race). Note: needs picture from aaron.
Coach Aaron took the overall win with a sub 16:00! Speedy Aaron…. Speedy!
Peyton Thomas secured first overall female with 17:13 with fellow athlete Shown Rhodes taking 3rd with 18:30!
Cameron Simmons won 1st Masters 19:44 along with Lisa Kerr 1st Masters Female 23:04.

So many athletes took top 3 in AG:
Matthew Janik – 1st AG 35-30 20:09, Allison Munford – 1st in AG 21:08 with an amazing time, Christine Bean -1st in AG 29:53… Traveling, racing, and podiums! Chris you are on a roll nice job, Johanna Morgan – 3rd in AG 23:13… and new to the team!  Welcome Jo and congrats on your race!, Janet Colman– 3rd in AG 30:31…can we say PR and this after racing 4 weekend in a row! And Shawn Tunis – 3rd in AG 22:48 PR.

Other incredible race results include:
Erica Svab – 23:55 PR!  Goal was to break 25; Phil Jewett – 27:05 on team Gansta Wrappers; Jennie Mott – 1 min PR, huge!!  Congrats on racing smart and doing so well!; Frances White – 47:15 and not only did she weather the cold and rain but she supported another athlete along the way.; Kaite Elzer-Peters – 35:17 she raced smart and even though it was cold and wet she was still smiling the whole way; Russ May– 40:45 alway a pleasure to see Russ out there racing and just enjoying running all together. Laurie Stuhrcke – first time sub-10 minute pace!  31:07 and a huge PR, congrats with all your hard work.

Kiawah Half Marathon
Rob Reynolds was 1 min away from a Boston Qualifying time, BUT had a 14 minute PR hitting 3:16! Keep knocking down those minutes.
As most of the WILM athletes know, Peyton Chitty is an inspiration! From a near death experience to a 3:24 marathon and a BQ, he sure did make it look easy! WOW and Congratulations.
Chris Pope, Mark Austin and Brian Causey are all rallying back into speedy race shape with 1:31s and 1:33. Keep up the good work guys.
Lindsay Hess raced a 1:41 to cap off her year! She has had an incredible race year and is unstoppable!
Our Charlotte athlete Justin Privette gets a 1:46 preparing for WB Marathon. Excited to see his continued progress in March.
Stephanie Walters represented with a sub 2:10 half and paced well the last half!  Nice work Stephanie.  Keep up the hard work.
Shelley Malloy requalifies for Boston!!!! Way to go. And it was great seeing Leanne Johnson out there just ripping a 3:12 out of the blue!